Holiday home listings near Pattaya in Thailand

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Bang Sare, the town between Pattaya and Rayong

Bang Sare, a suburb in the south of Pattaya and within the Chonburi province, is still a fisherman's village. It is in the district of Sattahip and centally located for day visitors to Pattaya and Rayong. Golf courses continue to surround Bang Sare, just as with Central Pattaya. The beach of Bang Sare is a more quiet option than Pattaya's beach.

Bang Sare itself offers the Nong Nooch botanical garden in a typical Thai setting with cultural show involving tamed elephants and chimpanzees and a small zoo. It is located to the left of Sukhumvit Road at the 163 km mark, very near houses for rent.

There is also a dolphin show nearby.

On the way to Sattahip, there is a fresh water lake where water skiing by cable is offered.

Hiking and cyclling trails are being offered at times.